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EvE has always been a hostile place.
Wars have been waged, battles have been fought and pilots have lost their lives.
Powerful groups have sought to control vast regions of this playground and have preyed upon the weak.
We all know the life of 0.0 space well.

From the beginnings of the great alliances, we have provided a service to the larger corps in the alliance we belong to like no other. With 100% loyalty and dedication, our members put their ships and game time on the line day after day. We never asked for control of our own territory and never expected it, for us the work was the reward. The membership of our corporation grew in skill and tactical knowledge but never in size, we became efficient, surgical and ruthless, but our reputation was never tarnished with acts of cowardice. Respect from our enemies was given, respect from our brother in arms was earned and the self-respect of our members and leadership was in the bag.

We are the corp you always want on your side in the fight We are the corp you can trust to follow orders We are the corp you don’t have to ask for help twice We are the corp that will always back you up We are Black Omega Security Black Omega has a long and proud history. From the earliest records we helped bring order to the great wildlands, this gave us a place in the mighty Curse Alliance. For a long time we fought the enemies of the Curse Alliance, and those enemies were numerous, but that didn’t worry us, we fought just as hard. It was during these days that we made a name for ourselves, our enemies would remember that the Black Omega pilots were not to be taken lightly, and extra caution should be executed when we were in the area, and the enemy fleet commanders would be on their toes when our leadership was leading a Curse attack fleet.

After the Curse alliance split up, Black Omega went into light mercenary work, before considering who to ally ourselves with once again. We chose friends whom we were accustomed to, remnants of the Curse Alliance building a new empire in a new area of space. It is during this time the lower regions of syndicate fell, giving Black Omega a second home. Then an offer from more old friends and an old enemy came along, to form something fearsome, the idea of this pleased Black Omega, and we gave our support once again.

New leaders have brought new prosperity to Black Omega. New technologies have brought new tactics to our battle plans. But perhaps the best new thing that comes to Black Omega Security is the new blood. The new members that put their lives in our hands and pledge their loyalty to the corp. Those members who fly through space with no fear, for they are BOS.

We’ve never considered ourselves to be an “elite” group, taking pride in having a hands-on approach to sharing our experience between new and old members alike, but we strive to behave as a professional and cohesive unit. BOS today hopes to bring our history, experience, and attitude back to our old home in Pandemic Legion and assist in pushing the alliance into the forefront of EVE for years to come.

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